Character Minutes. . .Sharpening Lives
Please apply good character and ethical behavior and do not copy & use copyrighted poster slogans!

Character Minutes Poster Slogans. . .Created on Demand

All Laminated Posters are 11" X 17"

BLACK & White Posters are $4.00 each or 3 for $10.00

  • BE (includes 41 character traits in various fonts)
  • Chapter Membership Brings. . . (includes numerous words in various fonts that list benefits of belonging to a student organization)
  • Character Minutes (includes all of the character traits in the HS/Career Tech Curriculum)

COLOR Posters are $6.00 each or 2 for $10.00

  • Flag (photo)
  • Habits of Civility
  • Job Application Pointers
  • You Can't Make More Time
  • The Times may have Changed. . .but Character (photo)
  • Loyalty (flag photo)
  • Be Careful Who You Follow.  (photo)
  • I can know what's right. . .I can say what's right. . .but in the end, what matters most is I do what's right. Be ethical! (words)
  • Integrity (photo)
  • Hard work Pays Off (design)
  • Character Gives You Direction (photo)
  • Character is Contagious (ball mit)
  •  Character Minutes Middle School (includes all of the character traits in the Middle School Curriculum)
  • Despite what happened yesterday, remember that today is a new day (with a nature background)
  •  Ethical Minutes (includes all of the character traits in the Ethics Curriculum)
  • Hope. . .no one can take it away from me, I can only take it from myself. (with a capitol dome-fireworks setting background)
  • How Strong is Your Character? You will never know its strength until you get into hot water. (with a tea cup and tea bag background)
  • Make Wise Choices. . .your actions just might inspire another person to make a good decision. (quote on houndstooth print background)
  • Questions to Consider when Making Decisions of Character (With 10 questions to ask when facing a character decision)
  • The Thrill of the Moment can have a Lifetime of Consequences ┬ęCharacter Minutes (with a roller coaster picture background)