About Us

Mission Statement of Character Minutes

To provide curriculum and resources that will enhance the development of a student’s life, character, and their future work.

Vision of Character Minutes

The vision of Character Minutes is to emphasize character, ethics and employability skills in communities by assisting educators in sharpening the lives of youth and adults through activities, scenarios, and knowledge.

History of the Company

Many young people are emulating the character and ethical behavior that they see demonstrated by family and close acquaintances. While many students have positive role models, there are others that do not. Therefore traits are passed down from generation to generation, both good and bad.

This curriculum was developed to assist in breaking the chain and offering students the opportunity to seek better decisions for themselves and society. The activities and scenarios take advantage of the fact that students can learn from their educator as well as their peers.

This curriculum was developed by a former Instructional Specialist and Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher. After twenty-five years of teaching experience and eleven years in writing learning activity packets for teachers, the author felt a calling to create experiences that would help teachers as well as students make the world a better place, thus Character Minutes was formed. Character Minutes was planned by an educator for educators with input from industry.