Frequently Asked Questions

Does a DVD have all of the character traits on it?

Answer: Yes, each DVD has all of the character traits for the specific age level on it. It includes all of the activities, scenarios, journal questions on it as well as projects, if applicable.

Do I pay an annual fee to use the curriculum?

Answer: No, once it is purchase there is no additional fee. A teacher license is permanent, and a campus license is also. New editions require an additional purchase

What does a campus license mean?

Answer: It is for all the schools on one connecting piece of land.

Can I put the curriculum on our school website?

Answer: No, you can put it on your school campus server for teachers to use.

Where can I see samples of the curriculum?

Answer: Go to the Character Minutes website (, click on the Implementation page and a variety of items are shown from Character Minutes for Middle School, Character Minutes for High School/Career Tech, and Ethical Minutes.

How much is shipping?

Answer: Shipping, handling and delivery is built into all products, except:

  • Me Leadership Books
  • Posters

Some products may be emailed to the buyer.