Curriculum Samples

Character Minutes Middle School: Introduction to Caution Trait

Directions: Brainstorm and complete the chart below.

Types of accidents Check if caution might prevent the accident Ways to be more cautious in this type of situation

















Character Minutes Middle School: Generosity Trait Activity

Directions: Brainstorm and research opportunities to be generous in the community and then complete the chart that follows:


List local charities or causes Type of need(s) that the charity/cause has (volunteers, money, food, etc.) Would there be an opportunity for youth to be involved in this charity or cause? If yes, how?



















Character Minutes High School/Career Tech: Gratitude Trait Activity

Directions: Brainstorm types of occasions that written notes and e-mails of gratitude are appropriate for the following settings:

At work In a social setting At home

Follow-up or Discussion Questions:

  1. How do you know when a written thank you is a better way to thank a person than a verbal thanks or an e-mail acknowledgement?
  2. Does a verbal acknowledgement cancel the need for a written thank you note?

Ethical Minutes: Courage Trait Scenario

Ronald serves on the City Council. He regularly attends the meetings and takes his position seriously. Tonight, they voted on an agenda item and Ronald was the only councilman to vote “no.”

  1. What are some reasons why an individual might vote against a seemingly popular motion?
  2. Why is voting against the majority sometimes a challenge? Explain your answer.
  3. What can sometimes be the consequences of going against the majority?
  4. How do you know when a person is applying courage when they vote against the majority or when it is just a matter of being uninformed or making a poor decision? Explain your answer.

Character Minutes High School/Career Tech: Cooperation Trait Scenario

You are in a team meeting. Your group’s task is to divide up work assignments. Craig always seems to speak up for assignments first and it appears that he always requests the easiest ones.

  1. What are at least three potential ways to divide up the weekly work assignments?
  2. Rank the potential solutions to dividing up the weekly tasks, with “1” being the best solution and so forth.
  3. Explain your solution and the reason for your selection.

Character Minutes Middle School: Loyalty Trait Project

Directions: Divide the class into groups of 2-3 students. Have each group design a t-shirt for your school or an organization in your school. The design should promote loyalty and encourage school or organizational spirit. Draw the design below.

Ethical Minutes: Discretion Trait Closure

  • You go into the restroom at school and see your best friend’s name is written on the restroom stall. Your grandma said, “Fools’ names like fools’ faces are often seen in public places.” How does graffiti show disrespect for material items as well as people?